Friday 31 March 2017

TACTIC Javascript API Start-up

Using the TACTIC 4.6 API from javascript is very simple.  You just have to reference
a single javascript file.  You can either reference a local copy of this file:

<script src="js/tactic.js"> </script>

Or you can reference it from TACTIC server itself:

<script src="http://<server>/context/spt_js/tactic.js"> </script>

Replace <server> with your own server IP or domain name running TACTIC.  This
will import all the necessary javascript libraries and functions to interact with
the TACTIC server.

Next you will need to generate an API ticket.  This key is a long unique alpha-numeric string of characters.  This ticket is added to the API key, which has the form:


So, for example, you would set up the server with the following:

tactic = TACTIC.get();
var key = http://<server>/workflow/workflow/ticket/571be6bb09142c4c6b883e0c9f310f57");

If you wish to build tickets dynamically, then this can be done from a custom login
screen that captures a login and password.  For there, you would execute the following:

tactic = TACTIC.get();
var ticket = tactic.get_ticket(name, password);

where "server" is the IP or domain name of your TACTIC Server and name and password
are user entered fields.  Once you have a ticket, this can be used until the ticket
expires on the server.

You are all ready to access any of TACTIC API functionality.  To check if you can access the server, simple run the ping method:

alert( )

If it returns "OK", you have successfully accessed the TACTIC server with proper credentials.

At this point, you have the full API at your disposal.  As an example, you could run a query for tasks completed assigned to Fred:

tasks = tactic.query("sthpw/task", {
    filter: [['status','Complete'],['assigned','fred']],
} );

If you wish to run this asynchronously, you would add an on_complete callback:

tactic.query("sthpw/task", {
    filter: [['status','Complete'],['assigned','fred']],
    on_complete: (tasks) => {
} );

Or if you wish to use promises:

tactic.p_query("sthpw/task", {
    filter: [['status','Complete'],['assigned','fred']],
} )
.then( (tasks) => {
} );

Or we could use an expression to get the same result:

var expression = "@SOBJECT(sthpw/task['status','Complete']['assigned','fred'])"
.then( (tasks) => {
} );

The javascript implementation is a fully featured TACTIC API.  This is useful for
many applications such as server side javascript such as NodeJS, Mobile apps that
run on javascript.  It can also be used in WordPress or Drupal applications on the